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      1. 【圖文】臺兒莊古城:世界首座的藥典博物館

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        ?????? 世界首座藥典博物館是在國家藥典委和棗莊市政府的大力支持下成立的非盈利性公益機構。該項目是國家中醫藥管理局、國家旅游局重點打造的首批國家中醫藥健康旅游示范基地。

        ?????? 藥典博物館坐落在國家5A級景區臺兒莊古城中正街,建筑面積約1萬平方米,規劃有藥典主題館、中藥老字號展館、現代優秀企業展館、國際優秀企業展館和國醫堂、非遺藥店、百草園、養生酒店等,是臺兒莊古城每年近1000萬游客必游之地。


        ?????? 建設藥典博物館,記載藥典歷史,弘揚藥典文化,傳播藥典知識,講述藥典故事,從而為提升制藥標準,保證藥品質量,維護用藥安全,為推動健康中國戰略實施作出積極貢獻。

        ?????? 藥典博物館作為國家中醫藥健康旅游示范基地的核心項目,是向國內外廣大消費者宣傳藥品知識與合理用藥的科普平臺;同時將打造臺兒莊國際藥學論壇,是引領中國藥學發展提升我國藥典影響力的學術平臺,更是為全球藥學人員提供專業學習的國際交流平臺,對促進世界藥學發展具有重要作用。藥典博物館主要圍繞“藥品標準、藥典歷史、藥學理論研究、交流;承接藥品相關領域的教育培訓、科研調研、項目論證;組織藥學學術會議及展覽等方面”開展工作。(楊成駿? 張強)

        Introduction to pharmacopoeia museum

        The world's first pharmacopoeia museum is a non-profit institution established with the support of the state pharmacopoeia commission and zaozhuang municipal government. This project is one of the first batch of national TCM health tourism demonstration bases built by the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine and the national tourism administration.

        Pharmacopoeia museum is located in the ancient city of national 5 a grade scenic spot taierhchuang main street, a building area of about 10000 square meters, planning a pharmacopoeia, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) old pavilion, theme pavilions modern outstanding corporate pavilions, international outstanding enterprises and national physician hall, the hall intangible pharmacy, herbals, preserve one's health, such as hotels is the taierhchuang the ancient city of nearly 10 million visitors a year.

        Pharmacopoeia is a drug code which is made by the state to ensure the quality of drugs and the safety, effectiveness and quality control of people's drug use. It is the legal basis for the drug production, supply, use, inspection and the drug administration departments to comply with. Pharmacopoeia is also the crystallization of the achievements of drug science and technology development, and is a symbol reflecting the development level of a

        country's drug industry.

        To build a pharmacopoeia museum, record the history of the pharmacopoeia, carry forward the culture of the pharmacopoeia, spread the knowledge of the pharmacopoeia, and tell the story of the pharmacopoeia, so as to improve the pharmaceutical standards, ensure drug quality, maintain drug safety, and make positive contributions to the implementation of the healthy China strategy.

        As the core project of the national TCM health tourism demonstration base, pharmacopoeia museum is a popular science platform to publicize drug knowledge and rational drug use to consumers at home and abroad. At the same time, it will build the international pharmacy BBS in taierzhuang, which is not only an academic platform to lead the development of Chinese pharmacy and enhance the influence of Chinese pharmacopoeia, but also an international exchange platform to provide professional learning for global pharmaceutical personnel, playing an important role in promoting the development of world pharmacy. The pharmacopoeia museum mainly focuses on the research and exchange of "drug standards, pharmacopoeia history, pharmaceutical theory". Undertake education and training, scientific research and research, project demonstration in drug-related fields; To organize pharmaceutical academic conferences and exhibitions.

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